It is pure, rational, transparent and essential. This model comes from the will of having an open and direct communication with the outside world, as well as the need for protection, shelter and to disappear whenever is needed.

A flexible and diaphanous space defines the functional vision of the IX001 which might either be transparent or dimmer. Use and necessity are met by different proportioning and rational geometry.

When the ix001 rises to the surface, the terrace becomes a space acting as a transition between the environment and the living space. Optionally, if more protection is needed the ix001 can be combine with a pergola, a lattice structure or just with roller blinds providing us both, shadow and privacy when required.

Once lowered underground the room is protected from all sides, just connected to the outside world by means of the access stairway. In this situation, if any additional light or spatial extension is needed, a combination of the area and an inner gardened courtyard is compatible.


IX means a whole world of opportunities. A wide range of models have been specifically designed to combine and create endless possibilities. Three starting points which can not only be flexible but personalised as well.